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Carol Skyring

Carol Skyring is 21st Century Navigator at LearnTel, where she helps people to navigate their way through 21st century technologies. She is an inspirational educator who has been involved in the design, application and effective use of learning technologies for education and business applications since 1986. Carol works with universities, colleges, schools, government departments, large corporations and SMEs throughout Australia, New Zealand, USA and Europe.

She was the organiser of the Learning Technologies conference for 14 years. As a recognised expert in her field, Carol has been published in numerous journals and is a frequent speaker at national and international conferences. Several of her papers and articles can be accessed at www.scribd.com/cdltoz and presentations at www.slideshare.net/learntel. She is the author of several books and eBooks – see list below.


Books and Ebooks
  1. Tips,Tricks and Techniques for Great Videoconferences (2009)
  2. Great Videoconference Meetings (2008)
  3. Great Videoconference Interviews (2008)
  4. Great Videoconference Visuals (2008)
  5. Videoconferencing: The Basics (2008)

Presentation Title:

The Value of a Professional Learning Network (PLN)


Professional Learning Networks (PLNs) cater to our individual learning needs and connect us with people and resources around the world. If they’re not already, PLNs will become an important component in the on-going professional learning of you and your students. They provide rich learning opportunities 24/7 and are vital for staying current and innovative in your field. Because a PLN is personal, you make the choices about which tools you use and with whom you connect.

In this session Carol will share some of the findings from her research into the use of microblogging in PLNs, along with some practical advice about creating and using a PLN. The session will cover:

  • the value of a PLN
  • how a PLN can be used for on-going professional learning
  • a variety of tools you can use to create a PLN
  • how to use a PLN to connect with other professionals working in your field


Workshop Title:

Effective Teaching via Videoconference
(One Day: 4 Oct)


Teaching via videoconference requires some changes to classroom strategies and this practical workshop will give you the knowledge and skills needed to design and deliver engaging videoconference sessions. It is designed for those who have little or no experience with videoconferencing. Content includes an overview of videoconferencing and how it can be used for teaching and learning; creative ways of conveying messages visually and how to engage students in a videoconference session.

Who should attend:

This workshop is designed for educators who have little or no experience with delivering learning via videoconference.

Learning objectives:

After participating in this workshop you will:
  • understand the best ways to use videoconferencing for teaching and learning
  • know how to get your message across effectively through the use of well-designed visuals
  • know how to adapt your current course/program for effective videoconference delivery
  • have the skills to design engaging videoconference sessions
  • have a planning model that you can adopt for all learning technologies
Event Speakers
Disclaimer: The organiser reserves the right to change the talks, speakers and presentations without prior notice.

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